4 Clever Ways to Avoid Morning Stress

Mornings can be a difficult time for many individuals. Often, mornings are spent preparing breakfasts, getting lunches ready for children and spouses, anticipating meetings, and managing traffic. In most cases, these morning tasks can lead to a great deal of stress. By keeping some basic recommendations in mind, however, they don’t necessarily have to. Individuals who want to avoid morning stress should be sure to develop a routine, plan ahead, rise early, and anticipate traffic. These tips cannot only make the morning hours run more smoothly, but can be beneficial for the rest of the day as well.

1.  Develop a Routine
As mentioned above, one of the most important tips for individuals who want to avoid morning stress involves developing a routine. As with other long-term plans, developing a routine for the morning hours may take quite a bit of time. While routines may vary depending on personal situations, they may include making breakfast, taking a shower, getting children ready for school and on the bus, and finally heading to the place of employment. Try to create a specific routine and stick to it for an extended period of time. If a morning routine is not working, try incorporating small changes, and reevaluate its effectiveness after a few months of use.

2.  Plan Ahead
Though developing a routine is very important for individuals who want to avoid morning stress, planning ahead can also be beneficial. Instead of making and packing sack lunches in the morning, try to do it the night before. Similarly, outfits can be laid out in the evening, so the question of “what to wear” will not come up in the early morning hours. Finally, make sure all paperwork and other materials that may have been brought from work and studied at home are packed and ready to go in the morning. Planning ahead cannot only significantly reduce stress , but may also be an effective way to save time in the precious morning hours.

3.  Rise Early
For many individuals, the minutes and hours seem to go especially fast in the morning, when they may be on a tight schedule. Workers who just can’t seem to find enough time in the morning to complete all tasks may want to consider rising a bit earlier than normal. While getting up before the sun may be challenging for some individuals, it is a great way to cut down on stress and anxiety. Many people can get more work done in the early morning, when they don’t have to deal with family, children, and other interruptions. Always be sure to rise early enough to complete all required tasks in a day.

4.  Anticipate Traffic
Finally, anticipating traffic is a necessity for individuals who want to cut down on stress in the morning. Let’s face it—the population of the world is not getting any smaller. And with that population comes traffic, especially in larger urban areas and in regions where road construction is common. Leaving the house early ensures that employees will arrive at work at the appropriate time, and avoids the headaches often associated with travel in traffic-rich parts of the world.

How do you avoid morning stress – feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

Author: Mat Good. Mat is a health enthusiast and likes to help out people looking for ways to make their life happier. He likes to write about natural stress relief techniques and relaxation tips.  

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