Local doctor studies the effect of common medicines and supplements on pancreatic cancer

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

One in three people will be affected by cancer.  Those odds are chilling – actually, they’re downright terrifying.  How can a disease that touches so many of us still be so difficult to treat? Shouldn’t a common disease have a common treatment?

Dr. Maher Nashed has seen cancer patients benefit from common medicines and supplements – many of them available over the counter.  He has been approved to study the effects of these medicines on Stage IV Pancreatic cancer patients.  The patient must no longer be receiving chemotherapy or other treatment to participate in the study.  This is a 6 week study and the medications will be provided by Dr. Nashed in either his Middletown, DE or Elkton, MD office.  In previous patients these medications resulted in a decrease in tumor markers and a significant decrease in pain and pain medication.  

Dr. Nashed is not an oncologist, he is an allergist – and has seen allergy medications (and other common supplements) have a positive effect on cancer.  He has been passionate about finding treatments for cancer since his sister passed away 36 years ago.  So why didn’t he go into oncology?  Because Dr. Nashed, a deeply religious Christian, believes God led him into his current specialty for a reason. Indeed, most oncologists would not even consider that cancer could be fought using simple OTC medicines and common prescriptions.

Can cancer be controlled or cured using these simple solutions? I don’t know – but it’s certainly worth trying. Right now pancreatic cancer patients who can no longer be helped by chemotherapy (or no longer want to use chemotherapy) may apply for this study.  If you are in this situation, you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.  And the preliminary reports are quite encouraging.

But what if you have breast cancer, or prostate cancer, not pancreatic? Dr. Nashed believes these medications are useful in every type of cancer, and may eventually be used to prevent cancer cells from forming.  Personally, I wouldn’t use these medications in place of chemotherapy just yet. But I WOULD use them following traditional treatments and in remission.  That’s just me – and I would also be juicing and taking vitamins and watching tons of “I Love Lucy” – because I believe laughter and good nutrition can fight diseased cells, too!

Dr. Nashed impressed me with his passion for fighting cancer and helping people that are fighting that all too prevalent disease.  If you have pancreatic cancer (or another form of cancer) and would like to learn more about this study, call Dr. Nashed at 410.392-8770. His study is detailed on his website at www.Nashedspa.com

Please share this article – let’s find enough people to participate in Dr. Nashed’s study to find out if there is a simple answer to a terminal problem – cancer.  Thank you! 

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