Start a New Christmas Tradition!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Everyone loves a Christmas tradition - and it's never too late to add one more! How about an off-shore adventure to Hunt Valley, MD (just north of Towson) to visit the extravagant Christmas display at Valley View Farms? A long-time favorite for families, Valley View Farms offers 150 uniquely decorated and themed Christmas trees - every member of the family can choose their favorite! Valley View FarmsValley View FarmsSea Theme Tree: Cyndi and Kathryn enjoy a sea themed Christmas tree at Valley View Farms.Sea Theme Tree: Cyndi and Kathryn enjoy a sea themed Christmas tree at Valley View Farms.

Children can choose between Disney characters, Mickey Mouse or other cartoon favorites. There is a horse tree, a fairy tree, a dog tree and a beach-themed tree! Cow on tractor ornamentCow on tractor ornament For the young at heart - the possibilities are seemingly endless! How about a Budweiser tree or wine tree? A John Deere tractor tree? A lighthouse tree? There's even a Chesapeake Bay tree, complete with crabs! Crab Lights: Christmas tree light, shaped like a crab, at Valley View Farms.Crab Lights: Christmas tree light, shaped like a crab, at Valley View Farms.

Everyone enjoyed the various Christmas village displays - oh for the space to create your own! There were village stores, children on toboggans, and Santa relaxing in a hot tub - with his very own rubber duck! The International Christmas shoppe offers eclectic treats from around the world. Our favorites were the music boxes - or the painted horses - or maybe the Nutcrackers!

(By the way, dear Valley View, your display of cute critters made out of rubber balls with the attached tag, Bounce Me, should probably NOT be placed so close to the porcelain horses. Thank You, Frazzled Mom - who couldn't make it clear they SHOULDN'T bounce the toys - even though the tag TOLD them to do it!)

Valley View Farms is a true garden store - with shrubs and plants and yard fountains and koi. In October they have mountains of pumpkins and hot apple cider, in spring the variety of fish and garden implements take center stage. No matter when you visit - there's always something to see! Coffe and Tea themed christmas treeCoffe and Tea themed christmas treeBut Christmas is our favorite time to visit - it jolts the system into yuletide! Everyone chooses their favorite ornament to add to our tree - and the memories of the day trip just add to the stories! My favorite tree - and ornaments - were on the coffee tree. Latte, anyone?

It was a fun family day - and put us all into "Christmas mode". Sure, there was some traffic - but that only reaffirms how great it is to live on the shore! And let's face it - we all need to venture off shore every now and then! Add Valley View Farms to your Christmas traditions list - and let the memories begin!

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