Taking Down the Guilt Monster

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Does the "Guilt Monster" control your days? You know the one, that annoying voice in your head (ok, mine sounds EXACTLY like my mother) that tells you what you SHOULD be doing, no matter WHAT you're doing! The Guilt Monster has a huge list of things I SHOULD be doing if I am to be a GOOD WOMAN. Everything I see is MY responsiblity - and anything undone is MY FAULT. 

I hate that freakin' Guilt Monster. 

But I still carry it around with me. I fight it, of course. But like long ago fights with my mother, I take the passive-aggressive approach. I don't actively go against the voice and do something outrageous for ME. Instead, I do nothing. My quiet victories. "Ok, I didn't do what you wanted me to do, but I didn't really do anything else, either!" 

Gotta tell you, that's not working so well for me.

I know I'm not giving MYSELF the love and attention I need. And because of that, I have a harder time giving it those around me.  But...I feel guilty taking time and money for ME. Can you say, Conumdrum? 

I'm always looking to other women for direction - and I found it in the book, "Oil for Your Lamp" by Lisa Hammond. She's the gal behind the awesome store, Femail Creations. She finds outrageous items that speak directly to my heart - I'm always regretful when I DON'T buy something from her, not when I DO.  

To begin fighting YOUR Guilt Monster, watch this amazing mini-movie, below.  If it speaks to you the way it SCREAMED at me - check out her new book, "Oil for Your Lamp"! And join me in fighting the Guilt Monster!


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