Beware of Allstate Motor Club - and their salespeople!

Things that annoy me:

  1.  telemarketers
  2.  liars
  3.  manipulators
  4.  shady business practices

Put them all together and you get my recent experience with Allstate Motor Club. I usually don't even answer the phone when I know it's a solicitor. But we have Allstate Insurance, and I really didn't pay attention to the words following Allstate on the Caller ID. They're counting on that. 

So I made the mistake of answering my phone, and immediately realized this was NOT my insurance agent calling with a question. Instead the salesperson immediately began reading from the script, talking fast and apparently not pausing for extraneous things - like air. Sometimes I let them finish their spiel, but I was busy with sick children and doctors and after a couple of minutes I interrupted to say, "No, thank you."  They immediately talked more, going into Spiel #2 without hesitation. Again, I interrupted. "No, thank you." Then I hung up.

That was my second mistake.

The next day my husband informs me that Allstate Motor Club called. "Yes, I know. I told them "No, thank you" and hung up."

"Well, that's not what they said." he stares at me, a small smirk lifting the corner of his mouth. 


"They said," he continues, "that you told them to call back and speak with your husband about joining."

WHAT??? "I did no such thing!" I stutter, furious. 

"I know that. I told them we weren't interested and hung up." And that was HIS mistake. He knew the salesperson was lying, and should immediately have gone higher up the food chain in full attack mode. Or ONE of us should have said the magic words "Put us on your DO NOT CALL list - NOW." 

And, HOW did he know I hadn't said that? Because that's like waving raw steak in front of a wild dog. Early in my marriage I made the mistake of asking him to talk with a saleperson - and still get flashbacks. NOT pretty. (he almost had to bodily throw the salesman out of the house - the guy wouldn't leave!) And he's usually pretty mild mannered. I was quite glad that 1) he trusts me and 2) he's not violent. Because without those two important traits we would have had quite a rocky evening at our house. 

Since I was fuming about the sales practices of Allstate Motor Club, I decided to check out some reviews online. They weren't pretty, either. Apparently, if a company uses sleazy tactics to hook you, they have a sleazy product to sell you. Here are some links to reviews of the actual product: Review 1  Review 2  Review 3

The dilemma now - do I drop Allstate Insurance because of the behavior of Allstate Motor Club? I have no issues with Allstate insurance - but why do they support the unethical practices of their motor club? 

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