The Estrogen Army is on patrol and the Holiday Blessings are accumulating!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Move over, Marines – you’ve been outflanked, outnumbered and outsourced! I’m not putting you down, and have nothing but love for you – but your highly synchronized moves have nothing, NOTHING on a group I like to call “The Estrogen Army”.

They blend into the landscape without need of camouflage, in fact – they ARE the landscape.  Silently they wait for the call to action, then spring into maneuvers that would make the Blue Angels green with envy.  They analyze the situation, take inventory, assess needs then assign (d implement) tasks with speed that should make the White House blush with shame.

They are everywhere. They go about their daily lives with the finesse of a double agent, making light of their burdens while laughing at themselves until that critical moment – the moment they are needed.  They are simply, women – tenders of the hearth, nurturers, healers and givers.  In times of need they rally together with strength, love and dedication.

I am proud to be a member of their ranks – and yet I am humbled and amazed by their stories.  Facebook is their new battleground – where they reach out, connect and organize.  When one of their ranks is touched by betrayal, illness, tragedy or misfortune they are there, arranging meals, childcare, transportation and meeting daily needs, from toilet paper to new stoves.  They give out of love, support and the understanding that women share much more than words could ever explain.  

The Estrogen Army’s greeting is simply, “What can I do to help?” .  Unfortunately, people rarely answer that question, perhaps from fear of appearing weak.   It’s difficult for the EA to mobilize when they fear offending those they would most like to help.  Oh, if only those we love would simply tell us what they need, so we feel useful.

This week, someone did.

Someone needed help, and specifically asked for what she needed from her Facebook friends.  Within twenty minutes most of her needs had been met, her friends overjoyed at being able, finally, to provide concrete help. The friends collaborated about what other needs should be met, and others rushed to contribute.  Within an hour  everything had been arranged – and everyone felt blessed. 

It is indeed as great a blessing to give as it is to receive.  

For those of you who automatically answer, “I need nothing, thank you. I’m fine.” Please understand that you are denying your friends an opportunity they yearn for – the ability to give.  Ask for what you need, be it food, money for electricity or a ride to the doctor.  Allow your friends and neighbors to give concrete help – because it’s hard to know what another person really needs.

Welcome to the holiday season – let the Blessings begin! 

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