Five Steps to take this Summer that will Transform Your Life!

There's no more putting it off - Summer is upon us. Tis the season for surf, sand and family time - and we've earned every minute of it! But this summer, let's also concentrate on US - and our dreams! Here are five things to do this summer that will change our lives!

1. DREAM - What are your dreams and lifetime goals? Do you even know? NOW is the time to dream big. What do you need to accomplish so, when you look back over your life, you see a life well-lived? Write down as many as you can; things to do, to see, to become, to learn. Then go back and circle the top five that you start working on NOW!

Now that you know what you want, visualize your world as if these things were already accomplished. See the details of your day, and feel the joy and satisfaction of knowing you have accomplished these things. Do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

2. BIG ROCKS - Remember the story of putting rocks, pebbles, sand and water into jar? You have to put the big rocks in first, or the smaller stuff will fill up your days and you'll never accomplish the really important things. We all have a million little things that we need to do each day - but we need to make sure the important, dream building stuff gets done, too. 

Look over you dreams list. For each goal write down the steps you need to take to make your dream a reality. These are the "Big Rocks". Every day list 3-5 action steps (in different categories) - and make them the priority for your day. Break down large, involved steps into more managable actions. You'll still have the daily stuff to do - but just knowing that THESE are your priorities will super-charge your journey toward your dreams!

3. FOOD IS DREAM FUEL - It's time to adopt the French fashion of "Mindful Eating". Instead of eating for the sake of eating (and because it's something to do and it's comforting) start choosing your foods for how they nourish your body and your dreams. Choose a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and supplement with lean protein. Take small portions and even smaller bites, tasting each morsel as you chew slowly, deliberately, and mindfully. Be present with your meals. Don't eat while you're reading, watching television or just overly emotional. Oh, and drink your water!

It's also good to treat yourself. So, during the week, eat mindfully and watch the quality and quantity of the food you consume. On the weekend still be mindful, but indulge in the treats you've denied yourself during the week. Eat them slowly and really enjoy them - you deserve the pleasure!

4. STRONG BODIES ACHIEVE MORE - We need energy to pursue our dreams. We need to DO, not just imagine. It's time to take fitness to the next level, to expand our worlds. If you are mostly sedentary - start walking, stretching and lifting light weights. Every week you can add to the intensity and soon you'll be ready for some real activities!

There are so many fun fitness options these days! Many people are learning to love running - it's a great solo or group activity, and the only thing you need are decent shoes.  Now add in a yoga class, a kayaking trip and a family bike ride! Meet up with friends for physical activity - and enjoy all the benefits of physical fitness!

5. LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT; NOT THE ONE YOU DON'T - Unless you've already accomplished everything on your bucket list, you're in a period of transition this summer. You know where you're going and are taking steps to get there. You're getting  control of your body, both food and fitness. But right now your mirror and your wallet still reflect the same old you - and it's easy to keep living the same old life. 


As much as possible, live your days as the person you are becoming. Pay attention to your dress, your hair style and your home. Change your appearance and your surroundings to reflect the NEW you - the one who reaches your dreams! Pay attention to your words and attitudes, as well. Get rid of the anger, the negativity and the fears that are holding you back. See yourself as your ideal self - and behave accordingly. 

The summer is only three months, September will be here before we know it. You can greet it the same way you've greeted it every other year, or you can completely change your life and your future by following these five steps. 

Really, what do we have to lose? Here's to a successful summer! Enjoy!

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