Juggle People and Events with Google Calendar

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

It's spring - and my calendar - along with everyone else's - is exploding. Juggling work, meetings, errands and medical appointments is challenging enough, but when we add kids schedules, spouse schedules and horrific tasks like "Clean out gutters" - things really explode.  I've spent decades looking for the PERFECT calendar/day book - and spent years toting around a hefty (and expensive) Franklin Planner - and coordinating dates with my husband's planner. (then he left his on top of the truck one day and I discovered the drawback to having everything in one place)

These days my family lives by the Google Calendar. It's free, you can show more than one person's calendar (each kid gets their own color-coded entries) and there are apps to use it on i-phones, androids and the Kindle Fire. My calendar links to my husbands so we always know what's going on - and can both see the various impending kid commitments. You can get the month view - helpful when scheduling appointments, a week view (my favorite) and a daily agenda view. There are also various other calendars you can import (holidays, moon & tide, etc.) as well as task lists. I've put weekly tasks like "Take out trash" on the calendar so one of us might actually remember these important events.  

The drawback to electronic scheduling: it's really easy to move things around. The Kindle Fire app asks for confirmation when sliding times or dates, but the actual google calendar website does not. I'm not certain what happened - but I did miss an important doctor's appointment one Tuesday - according to my calendar the appointment was on Friday. Everything syncs without backup - so mistakes multiply. To be fair - it could have been an input error on my part - but we'll never know. I'm more careful, now. Overall, it's the best calendar I've found. 

If you're still searching for the right tool to schedule a busy family and a busy life - try Google Calendar! 

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