Sucky Halloween Mom takes on The Great Pumpkin!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

It’s time Halloween and I had a heart to heart talk. 

SUCKY HALLOWEEN MOM (that would be ME): Why do you do this to me every year?  Why do you rob me of time and money with the sole purpose of stuffing my kids on candy I don’t let them have the rest of the year??? Why???

THE GREAT PUMPKIN:  What’s your problem? Are you like the Bah Humbug Scrooge of Halloween? What did I ever do to you???

SHM: Ok, it’s not JUST you! But as soon as you raise your orange head we’re inundated in tinsel, Rudolph’s and long wish lists!

TGP: Let’s get this straight. You hate me because I’m close to Christmas? Gal, you’ve got ISSUES!  And what’s wrong with some candy? You certainly like eating it, by the looks of those love handles!

SHM: and that’s ANOTHER problem! My fat pants are getting tight!

TGP: So you blame a holiday instead of your obsession with fresh bread and cookies? And take it out on your kids?

SHM: NO! They dress up and go trick or treating – I just don’t like it very much! I don’t see the point!

TGP: Well, not everything has a point – and that doesn’t make it wrong. As it happens, however, I DO!  Halloween started as Samhain, a Celtic celebration literally translated “end of summer”.  Folks used to celebrate the harvest and enjoy the festivities before they were confined indoors for months of cold weather! It’s the break between the six months of light, and the six months of darkness!

SHM: and that’s ANOTHER reason not to like you – the DARK!!!

TGP: Girl, darkness can be your friend! It gives you time to reflect, to create, to grow.  Instead of jumping on the commercialized treadmill this year, why don’t you focus on what IS important to you and your family?  Things like family meals, baking cookies together (just don’t eat too many!), sewing, painting and playing family games?

SHM: I don’t have time for all that!

TGP: Girl, you have all the time in the world – you just have to DECIDE where you want to invest it!  Playing, cooking and creating with your kids is NOT time wasted – you’re weaving the world.  Stop trying to do and be everything to everybody – and focus on what matters most!!!

SHM: {sigh} That makes sense. How’d you get so smart, Great Pumpkin?

TGP: Not much to do sitting around the pumpkin patch except think! But I like it – I know I help folks prepare for the winter by giving them one last dose of crazy fun!  I can help you too, Sucky Halloween Mom – if you’ll let me.

SHM: But if I turn out to be a great (ok – adequate) Halloween Mom – how will you recognize me next year?

TGP: Darlin’,  I’ll know you anywhere!  Happy Halloween!

SHM: Joyous Samhain!

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