Let's Can Peaches II

Recipes by James R Coffey

Peach Pie Filling

4 to 6 quarts prepared fruit, as for canning

2 C. Clear Jell (Check at Amish Bulk Food Stores or on line)

2 C. cold water

7 C. sugar

1 t. canning salt

6 C. water

Mix clear jell and 2 C. cold water until smooth.  Combine the sugar, salt and remaining  6 C. water and  bring to a boil.  Add clear jell mixture and cook until thick and clear.  Add fruit.  Fill jars, leaving 1 to 1 ½ inches of headspace.  Wipe jar rims, seal and process by one of the methods given below:

Water Bath (pints and quarts): 30 minutes

Pressure Canner: (pints and quarts): 10 minutes at 5 pounds pressure.

I only can Fruit Pie Fillings in my pressure canner as I feel it makes mush of fruit otherwise.  I use this for Peaches, Apples (add 1 to 2 t. cinnamon), Blueberries, Cherries (can add red coloring and a little almond flavoring, if desired), Blackberry, Apricot and other berries.


Peach Jam

4 C. peaches(peeled, pitted, chopped or ground)

2 T. lemon juice (I use Realemon)

1 t. Fruit Fresh(optional, but makes a better color)

5 ½ C. sugar

1 box dry powdered pectin

½ t. butter( optional, but helps reduce foaming and peaches foam horribly!)


Make according to Dry Pectin Method, given in my prior columns.  Process 10 minutes in boiling water bath for half pint or pint jars.  Makes 6 to 8 half pints.


Peach Pineapple Jam

3 C. peaches, prepared

1 C. crushed pineapple, drained

2 T. Lemon Juice

1 box powdered pectin

5 C. sugar

Make according to Dry Pectin Method and process as peach jam above.  Makes 6 to 8 half pints.


Peach Raspberry Jam

9 C. peaches, prepared

3 (12 ounce) bags frozen red raspberries

¼ C. lemon juice

2 boxes powdered pectin

16 C. sugar (Yes! 16 C.)

Follow Dry Pectin Method, but cook 4 minutes rather than 1 minute and finish as regular peach jam.  This makes 23 to 26 half pint jars.


Peach Peeling Jelly or Pancake Syrup

When canning peaches, save peelings and pits.  If pits are split or broken, I do not use.  Cover well with water and cook 15 to 30 minutes.  Strain.  The redder the peach skin, the redder the product.  Make according to Dry Pectin Method and process as jam:

6 ½ C. peach juice

2 boxes dry pectin

8 C. sugar

For Pancake Syrup, use only 1 box of pectin.  Sometimes even the jelly is difficult to jell, but it is excellent as pancake syrup. Makes 7 to 10 half pint jars.


Peach Butter

1 quart of peach puree’

1 pound 12 ounces sugar ( 3 ½ to 4 C.)

Cook peeled fruit and either puree in food processor, food mill or any favorite method.  Add sugar and cook slowly until thick, stirring frequently.  It can burn easy!  Process as peach jams as prior given.  Makes 6 to 8 half pints.

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