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There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel...

Lord I hope it ain't no train! B.B. Watson

Subtitle: More Adventures in Dog Training
The hyperactive lab puppy and I just completed our sixth week of dog training with Dan Salb of
http://danselitedogtraining.com/home.html[_new]Dan's Elite Dog Training. I'm thrilled to report that we BOTH passed our first test - which involved Gryffindor responding to my commands, including a complicated heeling workout, while attached to the leather leash by only a thin piece of string. (if the string breaks - you fail).

I've been frustrated to tears as I've worked to turn this unmanageable beast into a well-behaved dog. The other dogs immediately turned into model companions - but mine required more strength, perseverance and patience than I had ever imagined. I was having fantasies about shock collars, cattle prods - whatever would break the beast from his painful jumping, chewing and wildness. Dan talked me down each time, telling me to stick with the training method and have faith. He even worked extra with me, since I was having SO much trouble. It turns out I wasn't quite doing the turns and corrections right - close - but no Kewpie doll. Once I learned the correct way - I saw immediate improvement. (which explains how we managed to pass our test!)

The Beast Within

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson
I met a delightful older man yesterday, sitting with his equally delightful Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The Corgi wasn't that interested in us - she was content to sit by her master's feet, eying him adoringly. The man chatted about the many attributes of his dog - her obedience, her dedication to him, her calm demeanor.

I mentioned that I was currently going through dog training classes with my less than calm lab pup. He acknowledged that he had indeed taken his lady to puppy kindergarten once - "but she really didn't need it - she just always behaves." In that infinitesimal moment I hated that kind, charming gentleman.

And his little dog, too.

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