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A Wee Bit of Scotland (and Boobs) in Baltimore

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Do you hanker for all things Scottish? Then get thee to the Tilted Kilt, a new Scottish Pub/Restaurant/Sports Bar in the Avenue at White Marsh off of Route 95 in north Baltimore. The only one in Maryland and Delaware - this playful pub was packed full of happy customers on a cold Friday afternoon.

And really, what's not to like? The food is tasty, the beer is dark and flavorful (although they offer bland American beer for you Yanks), the music is loud, the sports centers are plentiful, and the girls are.....welll - see for yourself! Whoever dreamed up this take on the traditional Scottish kilt must be commended - a plaid push up bra with a stretchy micro kilt - and white knee socks! Better yet, the waitresses were pretty, fit and personable. They thought nothing of sitting down to chat for a moment - or pose for pictures!

Apparently attractive girls are referred to as "kilt tilters" because....well....use your imagination. Hence, the name of the Pub and the costume. Very cute.

While the majority of the crowd were men, there were several tables of middle-aged women enjoying the Shepherd's Pie and Fish & Chips. My mom and I had a fantastic time. The atmosphere was friendly and upbeat - and the beer selection was quite excellent - even on tap!

The dessert menu looked appealing, too - but we restrained ourselves. (and someone had over-indulged in the Shepherd's Pie and was feeling a bit.....uncomfortable.  I'm better now - thanks!)

French Bistro take an Irish Twist

‘Master of Whisky’ helps French bistro take an Irish twist on St. Paddy’s weekend

“The Luck of the Irish” lands in downtown Cambridge on Friday, March 19 when Bistro Poplar welcomes “Master of Whisky” John Heffernan and rising-star chef Ian Campbell and his staff put their culinary talents to work creating a menu that complements a selection of fine libations from the Emerald Isle.

One of the evening’s highlights will be the presentations made by John Heffernan, the Washington, D.C.-based “Master of Whisky” for Diageo, the world’s leading distributor of premium drink brands. To earn his degree, Heffernan underwent years of training in the history, production, maturating and blending of premium whiskeys. Before that, he served 12 years as a Whisky Ambassador.

Heffernan now educates bartenders and restaurant owners about the nuances of Scotch and Irish whiskies. “There is nothing more exciting than teaching people about my two loves: history and whisky,” he says. “I always get excited to share with others and see their faces turn from puzzled to enlightened.”

Shore Gourmet & Chesapeake Culinary Center Ready for Summerfest!

Shore Gourmet is located directly behind the Pub on 2nd Street, We will be easy to find at Summerfest -- offering our big hit "tacos in a bag" and our delicious Crab Dip covered Soft Pretzels!

You can also now purchase your Crab Feast Tickets at the Shore Gourmet!! Hosted by the Denton Volunteer Fire Company and catered by us, Chesapeake Culinary, Saturday September 12 will be a fun feast of great food and company.


Summer Fun on the Mid Shore!

by Mary McCarthy
Had a fantastic opportunity the other night to attend a cool waterfront summer concert in Georgetown. If you haven’t been over to the
http://www.kittyknight.com/[_new]Kitty Knight House (far up 213N, after Galena), for God’s sake, GO. You can bring the kids, the outdoor waterfront dining area is fabulous. The views of the Sassafrass River are gorgeous- there’s a huge marina, ice cream shop, pool, and of course - a waterfront bar!

I was invited by my pals from Jack the Penguin. In case you have not heard of them, these are a bunch of guys from Northbrook- that’s right, the subdivision here in little Cville has produced this fantastic, laid back, coolio little band. They sing Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brian Adams, Jimmy Buffett, you name it. In fact, they sing Def Leppard by request- the form of my request this past weekend was a cloth napkin on which I had written, IN KETCHUP, “Def.” (They do a sweet acoustic version of “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”) Their motto, if you check out their
http://www.myspace.com/jackthep[_new]Myspace page, is “Music For Drunk Girls To Dance To, Since 2003.”

Exploring Downtown Centreville


by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Fantastic gifts for all ages, delicious food and outstanding coffee, knitting circles, pottery and personalized care and attention. Yes, my friends, Centreville, MD has it all!

Centreville is a small, historic town in Queen Anne's County - about halfway between Chesapeake College and Chestertown on Route 213. The houses are large and stately and the people warm and friendly! There's an eclectic selection of retail stores and eateries - and the store owners go out of their way to make you feel at home and appreciated!

Market Street Public House Offers Tasty Fare

Market Street Public HouseMarket Street Public House

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

I finally had the opportunity to experience Denton's new Irish Pub - the Market Street Public House. (the opportunity being the kids were at Grandma's!) I've frequented Irish Pub's in NYC, Dallas and San Francisco - and I'm happy to report that Caroline County's Pub can hold its own with the big boys!

I'm speaking, of course, of the food! Think fish and chips, Stout Stew, Shepard's Pie, and an amazing array of hot sandwiches and wraps. Most of the lunch offerings were between $7 - $9, and the servings were bountiful.

We threw caution (and diets) to the wind and started with Cheese, Bacon & Ranch Fries ($5.75). Let's be honest - there are a LOT of nasty, process cheese topped fries out there - but these ROCKED! The melted Provolone cheese blended perfectly with the Ranch dressing (I'm not always a fan of Ranch dressing - but this was subtle and tangy). The real bacon pieces scattered throughout provided additional flavor. Fortunately, my husband's bowl of cheddar-topped beef chili arrived and I was able to neatly finish up most of the fries! Yum!


Enjoy the Brix Tapas Kitchen and Wine Cellar

by Erin Mawn

I love an excuse to go out to eat. Why? Well, partly because I hate to cook. Aside from my dislike of domestic chores, I also enjoy going out to eat because it's nice to enjoy a new and fresh atmosphere while eating great food. Who doesn't like that?

The Brix Tapas Kitchen and Wine Cellar in Chestertown provides both. The restaurant is located on High Street, which is essentially the heart of Chestertown. The interior matches the charm of Chestertown's historic buildings and brick sidewalks by featuring wood floors and exposed brick walls. (Hence, the name Brix.)

The menu at Brix is creative and features dishes such as soba noodles with spicy peanut sauce and wasabi-spiked tuna. Because of the atmosphere and the menu, Brix is probably more appropriate for an adult outing rather than a family meal. However, if your family does decide to venture to Brix, there are a couple of more kid-friendly items, such as 4 varieties of pizza. Personally, I enjoyed the calabrese pizza which has olive oil, fresh basil and tomatoes on it.

Bella Luna Restaurant in Cambridge

Mosaic by Jen WagnerMosaic by Jen Wagner

Downtown Cambridge's newest restaurant, Bella Luna, is located at 303 High Street (the old High Spot).

Serving lunch and dinner daily, along with Sunday brunch, Bella Luna features regional Italian cuisine, with a focus on local, organic, and fresh. Specialties include made-from-scratch ravioli; sausage and sun-dried tomato in rosemary cream; and shrimp, olives, and oranges over fettuccine.

Team Trivia Nights: Show Off What You Know!

Andy's in ChestertownAndy's in Chestertown

by Erin Mawn

“How many Campbell’s soup cans appear
in Andy Warhol’s famous painting?”

That is the question that cost me $40 a few weeks ago. Well, not really. I could have gotten a forty dollar gift certificate if I had gotten it correct, but how was I supposed to know how many cans of soup were on that canvas? Does anyone know? You might be surprised by how many otherwise useless trivia tidbits people know, but don’t have the opportunity to share with their peers.

Trivia night at Andy’s in Chestertown gives local residents a chance to show off their knowledge of well, pretty much everything! The questions range from science (“What creature is of the genus Hippocampus”?) to popular culture (“What song was Men at Work’s first single in the US”?. In case you’re wondering, the answers are ‘seahorse’ and “Who Can It Be Now?”).


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