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Trail Walk at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Blue HeronBlue HeronCome enjoy a morning of nature

Cambridge, MD- Enjoy a day (or just an hour or two) filled with the beauty of the outdoors, wildlife, and learning about Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy a hike along the Tubman Road nature trail!

Blackwater National Wildlife RefugeBlackwater National Wildlife RefugeDuring the hike many different species of animals will be seen. These may include Sika deer, Wild Turkey, Bald Eagle, and many amphibians including tree frogs and salamanders. The Tubman Road Trail is being managed to conserve the endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel.

Blackwater was established in 1933 as a refuge for Migratory Birds under the Migratory Bird Conservation Act. The refuge consists of over 27,000 acres, all which are used for different practices. About one third of the refuge is composed of forested habitat, mainly loblolly pine which is ideal for Bald Eagle nesting and the endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel. Also, the Refuge has between 400 and 600 acres of field for crops, such as corn, milo, clover, and wheat, which migrating waterfowl love to eat.

아메리칸 룰렛Hooper’s Island Lighthouse remains Dorchester treasure

Off the coast of Hooper's Island sits a part of Dorchester County’s maritime heritage that will soon be restored, hopefully through a joint effort between residents and a national organization.

Last year Dorchester County, with the support of residents, applied for ownership of the Hooper's Island Lighthouse. Ownership of the lighthouse was eventually awarded to The United States Lighthouse Society, but the structure will remain in its current location.

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