The Study Ball - and Chain!

Attention, frustrated parents!
Are you tired of trying to get your children to study?

Introducing "Study Ball, the gadget for students
It’s the ideal gadget for students who have trouble concentrating. This prison-style ball and chain with built-in timer will help them study."

Now you can attach the 21 pound ball to your student's ankle and program the manacle to release when study time is up - no more than four hours. [Parent's have a release key]

According to
http://www.curiosite.com[_new]www.curiosite.com the ball is also helpful for adults who have trouble concentrating - and should not be used by children without adult supervision. [you think?] The item is made of steel, runs on three batteries, and costs $115.

The Slightly Insane Family Survival Guide – Part 1

The Beast

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson
Do you remember those old family sitcoms – immaculate homes, perfect gardens, everything running smoothly without any hint of chaos?

Well – that’s NOT me.

My home is filled with books and kids and animals and projects and dreams. It can look presentable with a little forethought – it never approaches perfect. But it houses two adults (who work at home), three elementary aged children (who are homeschooled), two small dogs, two cats, eight free-range hens and nine baby chicks.

And then, because my life was running too smoothly, I added a 5 month old black lab puppy. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I remember how much work a puppy entailed? Let alone a large puppy that uses my children as chew toys! My small dogs have become snarling beasts, the cats are terrified and the chickens have to be sequestered so the new dog won’t eat them.

Cake Wrecks Made My Day!

IQ Test?IQ Test? It's raining, dreary and boring on the Mid-Shore today. Snow would be lovely - this is just....muddy. But take heart - I've found the Blog of the week:
Cake Wrecks:When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong! Ok - who gets the baby?Ok - who gets the baby?

Seriously folks - this is one of the funniest sites I've ever seen. Fight off the weather doldrums with a hilarious trip down fiasco lane. Enjoy!

Wild Game Hunting - In my Kitchen!

Thrill of the Hunt!!Thrill of the Hunt!!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

I carefully pick my way through the underbrush, my eyes always alert for signs of my prey. I see one! Stealthily I approach, line up the beast in my sights and.....STRIKE! Success!! I am triumphant - but not for long. Another beast catches my eye. I sigh.

One fly down....4,367 left to go.

What is it with flies in 1900 house kitchens??? Did they lay eggs in the floorboards a century ago? What is one woman to do?

Introducing...Rambo-Momma. She leaps, she strikes, turns and strikes again. My kitchen is a battle-zone, littered with the bloody carcasses of the million flies I have slain since breakfast....

The Snake Whisperer


by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

You know you’ve adapted to life in the country when you step off of your back porch and onto a small snake – and your heart continues to beat! In fact, after the initial gasp of surprise, you turn it into a learning experience and call the kids out to see – then carry the snake out to the field, in the hopes that the rye grass will protect the poor baby from predators! Maybe it's not the country life - maybe it's me. I have a history with snakes. 

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