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3rd Annual Eastern Shore Yarn Crab Crawl This September

September 1-30, 10 yarn stores in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia will host the 3rd Annual Eastern Shore Yarn Crab Crawl. The 10 women owned businesses have worked together to create a fun event for fiber fanatics. Crocheters, knitters, spinners, weavers and fiber artists look forward each year to participating in this self-guided, self-paced tour.

Local shop owners realized the specialized needs of their customers. Since each yarn shop on the Eastern Shore has something unique, the owners organized a yarn crawl. Participants visit the shops and are able to see the variety of products available, including and not limited to Blue Heron, Cascade, Plymouth, and Kolllage yarns.

Cost to customers to participate: $15.00 Register at any of the shops on the list. The registration fee includes a passport and tote bag. The tote bag is the participant’s ticket to the yarn crawl and entitles them to a 20% discount on select items. The passport is the guide to the shops. Participants can have their passport stamped and at the end of the yarn crawl can turn it in as an entry to a drawing for a grand prize.

The 10 women owned yarn shops participating are:


  • The Yarn Shop, Chestertown   410-810-1956

Wee Sale Childrens Consignment Event

HUGE seasonal children's consignment sale! This is the largest seasonal consignment sale in the Easton area. We have toys, clothes (sizes 0-16), baby gear, maternity clothes, books, and more.
We are always looking for new consignors, registration is open now!
Friday March 12, 9-5, (no strollers before noon on opening day), Saturday March 13, 8-3, Sunday March 14, 10-2,  at the Medford National Guard Armory, 15 Willow St Annapolis.  April 17th & 19th -- Saturday 8-3, Sunday 10-2,  at the Easton Armory, 7111 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD.
Go to Wee-Sale.com for more information about consigning, shopping, or volunteering so you can shop early.

Local Entrepreneurs Make Bags from Recycled Sailcloth!

Sailing is nothing new to St. Michaels couple Andrew & Christine Parish.  In their free time they like to brainstorm, seeking new and different challenges.  In the summer of 2008 these parents of two decided to “save” some sailcloth that friends were taking to the landfill.  They quickly used their sewing skills to turn out a wine carry-bag and almost before they knew it, their company, bay bags, was created.

As it says on their website, www.baybagsonline.com:

From its early days as a shipbuilding town through its twentieth century transformation into a tourist and sailing haven, St. Michaels and its citizens have maintained a way of life that is renowned for its beauty, tranquility and craftsmanship.

In keeping with that tradition, all of our bags are made from recycled sailcloth, from boats that have sailed on the Chesapeake Bay.  Some are traditional vessels that are over 100 years old; others are fast race boats that dot the Bay in the summer.  But one thing is true; every bag that we make honors the true sailors of the Chesapeake Bay!

It is with great pride that we started this company and we will continue to sew until the sails "dry-up". Each bag made is a one-of-a-kind! No bag will be the same, there are no patterns...we sew the way the wind blows...whatever inspires us.

According to owner Christine Parish: We have grown to offer about 10 bags styles, all different! We sew the way the sail is; sails are not made square, so it is a challenge, but it makes every bag unique.  We have had a wonderful response this holiday season! We offer a unique one of a kind gift! As well as saving our earth!!

We have two children who are actively involved in the business.  They are our little promoters! They both have bags named after them, and proud to say so.  We sew all of our bags ourselves.  We do not farm anything out! Juggling a family life and business is hard, but our children deal with sails all over the floor and house quite well, and just play around it all! We are very lucky! They desperately want to sew, but we tell them they have to be a bit older! (they do have input on the styles!)

Start a New Christmas Tradition!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Everyone loves a Christmas tradition - and it's never too late to add one more! How about an off-shore adventure to Hunt Valley, MD (just north of Towson) to visit the extravagant Christmas display at Valley View Farms? A long-time favorite for families, Valley View Farms offers 150 uniquely decorated and themed Christmas trees - every member of the family can choose their favorite! Valley View FarmsValley View FarmsSea Theme Tree: Cyndi and Kathryn enjoy a sea themed Christmas tree at Valley View Farms.Sea Theme Tree: Cyndi and Kathryn enjoy a sea themed Christmas tree at Valley View Farms.

Easton's Toyland - Off the Beaten Path

Dare to be DifferentDare to be DifferentIt's that time again! Time for the wonders of Toyland, for sugarplums and wooden horses and imagination's delight! But where to shop for our young lads and lassies? Wal-Mart offers many plastic toys - but leaves you feeling - empty. This year,let us seek out items that will not only nourish our children's imagination and souls, but will also leave us feeling good about ourselves, our choices and our community. Easton offers many intriguing possibilities. Crackerjacks, at 7 South Washington Street, is our family's favorite toy store. They offer an amazing selection of stocking stuffers, well made stuffed animals and puppets, Breyer horses, Only Hearts Club and Groovy Girl dolls, Lego, Playmobile and more...

Lizzie Dee Shopping Night to Benefit Habitat Choptank

Thursday, November 19

5-7 p.m.

Lizzie Dee, a women’s boutique in downtown Easton, is hosting a special shopping night on Thursday, November 19, 2009 from 5-7 p.m.  A portion of the evening’s sales will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Choptank to support the construction of simple, decent, affordable homes in Dorchester and Talbot Counties.  Shoppers are invited to drop by the store to enjoy wine and cheese while checking out the inventory of unique women’s fashions and accessories.

Lizzie Dee is located at 20 Goldsborough Street in Easton.

For more information about the evening, call 410-770-4374.

Enjoy "Humane" Wines - and Help Talbot Humane!

Talbot Humane unleashes new fundraising alliance

EASTON - Talbot Humane and Hair O’ The Dog Wine & Spirits have teamed up to create an innovative program that may be the first in the nation to feature photos of adoptable cats and dogs on wine labels. 

            “We have been making a donation to Talbot Humane for each bottle of house wine that we’ve sold for several years, but we were looking for a way to do more to help this very worthy cause,” said Shazz Lewis, Director of Marketing for Hair O’ The Dog.

            Each bottle of “Humane wine” sold fetches $1 for Talbot Humane, "enough to feed one shelter pet for one day," according to Talbot Humane's Interim Executive Director, Patty Crankshaw Quimby. "We're extremely grateful to Hair O' The Dog for coming up with this deliciously different idea to benefit the animals.    

            The wines are sold exclusively at Hair O' The Dog stores, and include a Chardonnay, a Malbec and a Cabernet – all grown and estate-bottled in the Mendoza Valley of Argentina.   All are priced under $10, and each variety features photos of four different adoptable animals.

            Talbot Humane is fortunate that photographer Candy Schwadron enjoys volunteering her time each week to take photos of the shelter's adoptable pets, including those cute little kittens who never sit still for the camera. Candy's captivating photos appear on the wine labels and the web site, www.talbothumane.org.

            Hair O' The Dog stores are located near Staples on Elliott Road, and next to Pier One on Marlboro Road in Easton. Pet visiting hours begin daily at 11:00AM (except Sunday) at Talbot Humane, 7894 Ocean Gateway in Easton.

LunaChicks Opens in Cambridge

Cambridge's newest shop, LunaChick, opened Saturday at 430 Race St. Cool handcrafted jewelry starting at only $3 for wooden rings. Clothing including graphic tees. Decorative fused glass pendants. Much more. Stop in and say hi to Christie!

CBMM’s 12th Annual Boat Auction

CBMM’s 12th Annual Boat Auction
is September 5

ST. MICHAELS, MD—If you’ve been waiting for the prime opportunity to buy an affordable boat, then the 12th  annual Boat Auction held at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is just for you. This live auction will be held on Saturday, September 5, beginning at 1:00 p.m.

For the past 12 years, Labor Day weekend has meant great deals on boats to boating aficionados and first-time boat buyers.  More than 40 boats, ranging in size and performance from sailing dinghies to cabin cruisers, will be available to the highest bidder at the 1:00pm Boat Auction. There will be beer and barbeque on sale beginning at 12 p.m.

CBMM Boat Donations Program Manager Lad Mills takes donations and resells boats throughout the year, holding aside some of his inventory for the annual auction. Mills travels up and down the east coast working with boat owners and potential buyers. The auction is the highlight of the year.

Perfection for Bibliophiles

Unicorn BookshopUnicorn Bookshopby Erin Mawn

If you’re not sure what a bibliophile is, then you’re probably not one. A bibliophile is a person who loves or collects books, although I think in many cases this is an understatement. This word enters my head numerous times a day as I wander about my house; every room in my home has some sort of book collection in it. History books (categorized by topic, of course) , classic literature, children’s books (despite the fact that I have no children, I have two bookcases filled with them), some precious signed copies of favorite books, and antique books that emit a wonderful musty smell that only old books have. . .I frequently attempt to reduce the number in my collection by giving them away, selling them or trading them but somehow I always end up bringing more books. I comfort myself with the idea that as long as my selection is ever-changing, it cannot be considered “hoarding” behavior.

In one of my recent efforts to rid myself of some excess books, I ventured out to The Unicorn Bookshop in Trappe, MD. It is one of those wonderful places where the bibliophile feels completely at home, and as a favorite literary (and film) heroine of mine once said, “There’s no place like home.” The store is packed from floor to ceiling with books for every browser and collector; most impressive is the selection of rare and signed books, including a drool-worthy authenticated, signed masterpiece signed by Samuel Clemens. (If that name isn’t familiar, then you’re definitely not a bibliophile).

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