Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Fights for Our Land and Our Farmers!

Our vision is an Eastern Shore where towns are vibrant and well-defined; where farms, forests and fisheries are thriving; where historic, scenic, and natural landscapes are maintained.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is at the forefront of Maryland state policy decisions. Last week alone, ESLC testified in front of the Maryland Senate Budget and Tax Committee, and served as a host

for the "Taste of the Eastern Shore" legislative reception, interacting with hundreds of leaders from across the state. Join the ESLC policy advocates weekly email group and stay informed with our weekly policy update. 


This past Wednesday, ESLC testified in support of SB 294- Family Farm Preservation Act; a bill designed to help soften the financial burden for family farms and ensure the next generation inherits agricultural property without excessive costs. This bill would limit the estate (inheritance) tax on agricultural land and support Maryland family farms during a very vulnerable time.

Mediation Center Trains New Volunteers

Mid Shore Community Mediation Center (MSCMC) has fourteen new mediators eager to help the organization peacefully resolve conflicts in the Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot County communities it serves. The adult and teen volunteers recently completed an intensive 45-hour basic mediation training program, conducted by professional trainers from Community Mediation Maryland.

“This was an exceptional class for talent, enthusiasm, teamwork and community spirit,” said Peter Taillie, the Mediation Center’s Executive Director. He emphasized that the goal is to maintain the engagement of these new volunteers on an ongoing basis. Initially, that will take the form of an apprenticeship, where the recruits will observe experienced mediators in action.

A Different New Years Resolution: Finding Edwin a Home

The Greaney Family is already working on their 2012 New Years Resolution – to find a forever home for Edwin. Edwin is an 11-year old boy from Bogota, Colombia who is spending three weeks in Easton with the Greaneys as part of Kidsave International’s Winter Miracles Program.

Kidsave International is a global organization that advocates for and supports the adoption of older children in orphanages and foster care. Host families like the Greaneys welcome a Kidsave child into their home and then use their networks, circles of influence, and the local media to introduce children like Edwin to a family that will adopt them.

“We’re essentially Edwin’s PR agents,” explains Betsy Greaney.“Our job is to tell his story and introduce him to as many people as we can in the short time he is here in the hopes that someone will be inspired to welcome him into their family permanently.”

Edwin was initially placed in Colombian foster care with his brother and sister in 2008. He now lives in an orphanage with a social worker and 25 other children approximately the same age.  After their first visit to the United States with Kidsave in Houston, the organization was unable to find a home for all three children and throughout the course of the past year Edwin’s brother and sister have been adopted separately, leaving Edwin still looking for a forever home.

Farm Management Classes for Women

The University of Maryland and Delaware Cooperative Extension will conduct Annie’s Project during the winter of 2012 at sites in Maryland and Delaware.  Annie’s Project focuses on the many aspects of farm management and is designed to empower women in overall farm decision making and to build local networks throughout the state. The target audience is farmwomen with a passion for business, agriculture and involvement in the farm operation.  Topics for the sessions cover the five areas of Risk Management – Production, Marketing, Financial, Legal Risk, Human Resources. This course is open to anyone interested in farm management practices. 

The course will be 8 sessions held at a variety of sites in Maryland and Delaware.  Locations include: Carroll Community College Westminster  MD, Cecil County Main Library Elkton MD, Chesapeake College Wye Mills MD, HEAT Center Aberdeen MD, Prince George’s County Extension Clinton MD, University of Delaware Research and Education Center Georgetown DE, Washington County Extension Office Boonsboro MD*, Wor-Wic Community College Salisbury MD.  Classes will begin on January 25th.

Ask Me If I Washed My Hands

Hand Washing Campaign Aims to Engage Patients while Improving Care

It is the most effective thing you can do to keep yourself and your family from getting sick this season – and at Shore Health System, it is something all doctors, nurses and staff have pledged to do to assure patients get exceptional care every time they come to a Shore Health System facility. It is the simple act of washing your hands – and this 15-second act can prevent an infection or save someone’s life. 

Shore Health System recently launched the public campaign “Ask Me If I Washed My Hands.” As part of the campaign, posters hanging at the Memorial Hospital at Easton, Dorchester General Hospital and facilities across the Mid-Shore region remind visitors and patients alike to ask their doctor or healthcare provider a very simple question, “Have you washed your hands?” Tags bearing the same reminder are clipped on all staff identification badges.

“We pick up all kinds of germs from the people and things we touch – yet a 15-second procedure can prevent an infection or save a life,” says Julie Bryan, BS, RN, Infection Prevention Coordinator for Shore Health System. “When we wash our hands, we help eliminate the chance of a patient getting a healthcare associated infection.”

The Delmarva Review Short Story Prize

Welcome all writers!

The Delmarva Review Short Story Prize

September 1 to November 1

First Place - $500 cash & publication

Second Place - $200 cash

Third Place - $100 cash


Attention all writers!  A new short story contest, with three cash prizes, seeks your best new writing. The first place winner will be published in the literary journal The Delmarva Review, in both print and digital editions, in 2012.

Taking Down the Guilt Monster

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Does the "Guilt Monster" control your days? You know the one, that annoying voice in your head (ok, mine sounds EXACTLY like my mother) that tells you what you SHOULD be doing, no matter WHAT you're doing! The Guilt Monster has a huge list of things I SHOULD be doing if I am to be a GOOD WOMAN. Everything I see is MY responsiblity - and anything undone is MY FAULT. 

I hate that freakin' Guilt Monster. 

But I still carry it around with me. I fight it, of course. But like long ago fights with my mother, I take the passive-aggressive approach. I don't actively go against the voice and do something outrageous for ME. Instead, I do nothing. My quiet victories. "Ok, I didn't do what you wanted me to do, but I didn't really do anything else, either!" 

Gotta tell you, that's not working so well for me.

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