Everything from Artists to Ghosts in Abingdon, Virginia!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Main Street, Abingdon, VAMain Street, Abingdon, VA
Looking for a vacation that’s close to home yet offers you unparalleled relaxation, fantastic countryside views, great food, eclectic art and maybe a ghost or two? Historical Abingdon, Virginia may be your perfect getaway retreat!

Abingdon, VAAbingdon, VA
Close your eyes and imagine gently sloping hills, dotted with sheep, cows, goats and the occasional llama. A small stream gurgles at the base of the hills, running beside an historic mill that made flour for families as early as 1790. See yourself drinking that first cup of morning coffee on the porch of a restored cabin, reveling in the laughter of the birds. The early morning mist settles below the peaks of the mountains and the calves frolic on the adjacent hill, racing each other across the green valley.

Later, when you’ve drunk your fill of beauty, serenity and coffee, you meander the four miles to the town that was originally named Wolf Hills, after wolves attacked Daniel Boone’s dogs when he camped there on his first expedition to Kentucky in 1760. In 1778 the town was incorporated as Abingdon, after Martha Washington’s ancestral home in England. Today the town of Abingdon, Virginia offers us history, ghosts, theatre, music, art, shopping, dining, and the great outdoors – the perfect place to unwind, play, and rediscover the joy of living. I’m smiling as I type, remembering the three blissful days spent in the foothills of Appalachia.

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