Canning Blackberries and Corn and Beans - Oh My!

By James R. Coffey

My! How fast Summer is flying by and how quickly the busy part of canning and freezing are fast under way. I have had request for blackberry recipes and I will add several vegetables that are in season as well.

In this post – Canning:

Blackberry Jelly,  Jam, & Blackberry Preserves!

Green Beans     Sweet Corn

If you need instructions on HOW to can, refer to earlier blog posts!

How to Can Green Beans

Cut or break green beans into desired size pieces. Wash well, (I have washed as many as three times or more). Pack raw into clean jars. Add 1/2 t. canning salt to a pint or 1 t. canning salt to a quart. Fill jar with water. I fill to the neck of the jars with beans and water(about 3/4" headspace). Clean jar rims with damp paper towels and seal as manufacturer directs.... Process by one of the methods below: Water Bath: 2 to 3 hours (my grandmother did hers 3 hours); 2 quart jars: 3 to 4 hours. (Start in cold water and time when water is at a full rolling boil. Boil must not stop during processing. Heat may be reduced to maintain a gentle steady boil.) Pressure Canner: Pints: 20 to 35 minutes; quarts: 25 to 40 minutes; 2 quart jars: 40 to 60 minutes at 10 to 11 pounds pressure. Use shorter times for young, tender beans and the longer ones for more mature ones.

Do not reduce processing times in hopes of canning an al dente' green bean. Canning anything al dente' is asking for botulism in a big way. Do not confuse water bath and pressure canner times. New canning books all use pressure canner times and is the only approved USDA method.

How to Can Sweet Corn

Husk, silk and wash fresh sweet corn. Cut from cob. Pack raw into clean jars loosely. Add 1 t. canning salt, 1 t. sugar and 1 T. Realemon to each quart. Use 1/2 the amounts for pints. Add cold water to fill jar. Same headspace as for green beans. Seal and process by one of the methods below: Water Bath: 3 hours (pints and quarts).

Pressure Canner: Pints: 20 minutes; quarts: 30 minutes at 10 to 11 pounds pressure. Follow manufacturer's directions or my books on how to use a pressure canner or refer to our previous blogs. The USDA omits the lemon juice and process pints 55 minutes and quarts 85 minutes. Same pressure. This results in carmalized corn and it has a dark color. I always use this method and have done so for 20 years or more with no problems or spoilage. I have other recipes how to can more seasonal vegetables in my canning books.

The following recipes for blackberries have worked well for me for years:

Blackberry Jelly

Stem, wash and barely cover blackberries with water. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes and then strain in a cloth bag, jelly bag or I use a collander with a wet paper towel. This makes clear juice. To make the jelly: 2 quarts of prepared juice 2 boxes of Sure Jell or Pen Jell 5 pounds granulated sugar Make according to Powdered Pectin Method previously posted. Makes 16 to 18 half pints of jelly. I like Sure Jell best and I always boil to the jelly sheet stage as well. Most times it can be 1 to 3 minutes.

Blackberry Jam

6 C. crushed blackberries 1 box powdered pectin 8 1/2 C. granulated sugar If less seeds or a seedless jam is desired, cook berries in a small amount of water until soft, then put through a Victorio or Squeezo strainer using the berry screen or use a food mill or press by hand through a fine sieve. Then measure. Prepare either jam according to the Powdered Pectin Method. Yields: 12 to 14 half pint jars.

Blackberry Preserves

1 1/2 quarts blackberries 5 C. granulated sugar Layer berries and sugar in a heavy pot. Let stand 3 to 4 hours. Slowly bring to a boil, stirring gently. With preserves, you want the berries to remain as whole as possible. Cook 10 to 12 minutes, shaking pot. Too much stirring will mash fruit. Pour hot preserves into a shallow pan and let cool up to 12 hours or overnight. Cover pan when cool and shake pan occasionally. This is called plumping and will help the fruit absorb some of the syrup. Pack cold preserves in clean jars, leaving 1/4" to 1/2" headspace.

Clean jar rims and seal as manufacturer directs. Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Yields: 6 to 7 half pint jars. Never seal jams, jellies and preserves with paraffin wax as it is no longer recommended. It will also diqualify you from most fair competitions as well. These items all need to be processed in a boiling water bath and they keep so much better.

I have how to can blackberries and also blackberry pie filling in Country Canning. My first book. Have a good season and Happy Canning, James R. (JR) Coffey

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