The Awakening Heart - A One-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

Offered by The Easton Meditation Group

The Easton Meditation Group will offer a daylong silent meditation retreat, The Awakening Heart, on Saturday, October 9, 2010 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  Suitable for both beginning and experienced meditation students, the retreat includes guided meditation periods, silent sitting and walking meditation, short talks, question-and-answer session and a focus on supporting lovingkindness in the midst of our lives. The retreat will take place at Third Haven Friends Meeting House at 405 South Washington Street in Easton, Maryland.

“Insight Meditation or Vipassana is a way of opening to life and seeing clearly the totality of one’s being and experience,” says Larissa Kitenko, founder of The Easton Meditation Group. The way of meditation is the way of the heart and this retreat will focus on lovingkindness (metta) practice through which it is possible to cultivate a warm, open heart towards ourselves and others. We work through our judgments of self and others, grow in self-acceptance and compassion, and become better able to speak and act from our hearts in daily life.

This day of practice will include direction in mindfulness of the breath, body, emotions and thoughts as well as the formal practice of metta.

Kitenko, a longtime practitioner of Insight Meditation, will lead The Awakening Heart retreat. Larissa regularly includes silent retreats as part of her practice, and studies and practices Buddhism in the Theravadan tradition. She is currently participating in the two-year Community Dharma Leader Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, works under the guidance of one of the members of its Teachers Council, and is also in teacher training with Tara Brach, PhD, the founding teacher of Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC. Kitenko has been teaching throughout the Eastern Shore for many years.

Space is limited to comfortably accommodate each person so registration is encouraged. In accordance with the spiritual practice of generosity (dana), no registration fee is being charged. Kitenko offers these teachings freely, and donations at a level that is appropriate for each participant will be accepted toward support of the practice of the teacher, and for Third Haven Friends Meeting House.

Please call 410-430-2005 or email lkitenko@yahoo.com for further information and to register. Participants are encouraged to bring cushions, pillows, and a bag lunch and drink for silent, mindful eating.

The Easton Meditation Group, founded in October 2003, meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 7:00pm to 8:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. It is free and open to the public.

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