Samhain: A Celtic Journey

Join Mary Meighan of Celtic Journeys in Ireland for an experiential introduction to Celtic spirituality on Nov. 6.

We invite you to gently experience Samhain, the Celtic New Year and the most significant feast within the Celtic calendar.  This is the time of  rebirth, renewal and transformation as well as for honoring the ancestors.Step outside of  your daily routine and connect with the essence of  Samhain and the deep energy associated with this turning of the year. 

The day will begin an introduction to the Celtic Year and the cycles of nature that the Celtic tradition honors. You'll learn about this ancient, yet living, tradition and how specific Celtic practices can be integrated into your daily life. We'll also partake of some practices associated with the energy at this time of year and experience stories, music, song, chants, poetry and blessings from the Celtic tradition. 

In the afternoon, we'll continue our exploration of the Celtic tradition and the Celtic goddess Morrigan. We'll consider the different aspects of be inspired by her powerful energy and imagery. As in the morning, a tapestrywill woven through stories, mythology, chants, poetry, song, musicand blessings. You'll also have an opportunity to create your own Celtic offering.

The day will also include a little timefor reflection, as retreat is a vital part of the Celtic tradition. 

May the blessings of Samhain surround us
May the blessing of  stillness be ours.
May the natural rhythms of nature fill our hearts.
May we be atuned to the natural cycles within.

 -Celtic Blessing

To register or for more information, call us at (410) 819-3395                

Saturday, November 6

MARY MEIGHAN is the Founder and Director of Celtic Journeys(www.celticjourneys.com). Mary was born and raised in Belfast and has her home in County Wicklow. She has a lifetime of experience making sacred journeys all over the world and a deep passion and understanding of her own native celtic culture.Mary regularly visits other countries giving introductory talks on the Celtic tradition, facilitating Celtic workshops, and

guiding retreats on Celtic spirituality. Along with a degree in psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work she has a Masters Degree in spirituality from Naropa University, in Boulder, CO.

To register or for more information, call us at (410) 819-3395  

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